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DELL Connectrix DS-6610B Switches

Liên hệ

  • 8x 16Gb SFPs; up to 24-port (8-port increments through Ports on Demand[PoD] licenses)
  • Performance 32Gb/s SFPs can operate at 32; 16 or 8Gb/s. and 16Gb/s SFPs will operate at 16; 8 and 4Gb/s.
  • Aggregate bandwidth: 768 Gbps
  • Frame buffers: 2K dynamically allocated
  • SAN Switch Rack 1U
  • Parts Only Warranty 12Months-ACDTS, 12 Month(s)

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Minimum Fabric Operating System (FOS) : DS-6610B FOS 8.1.0a or higher

Management: Advanced Web Tools. SSH, Auditing, Syslog NTP v3, CLI, SMI-S compliant; REST API, HTTP, SNMP v1/v3

(FE MIB, FC Management MIB)

SANnav Management: SANnav Management Portal and SANnav Global View empower IT administrators to be more efficient and

productive by providing comprehensive visibility into the SAN environment. SANnav only supports open

systems and requires FOS v7.4 or higher.

Legacy Connectrix B-Series SAN Manager:  Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition (CMCNE)

Management access:  10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet (RJ-45), In-band over Fibre Channel, Serial port (RJ-45), and one USB port

Firmware upgrades: Non-disruptive download and activation

Security: DS-6610B

DH-CHAP (between switches and end devices), FCAP switch authentication; HTTPS, IPsec, IP filtering, LDAP

with IPv6, Open LDAR, Port Binding, RADIUS, TACACS+, user-defined Role-based Access Control (RBAC),

Secure Copy (SCP), Secure RPC, Secure Syslog, SSH v2, SSL, Switch Binding, Trusted Switch

Physical Specifications

Enclosure: DS-6610B – chassis supports rear-to-front (RTF) airflow

Dimension and weight: DS-6610B

Height x Width x Depth: 1.69 x 16.88 x 12.07 inches, (42.9 x 428.8 x 306 mm) , 1 RU

Weight fully populated: 13 lbs (5.76 kg)

Power Requirements

Power supply:  DS-6610B – Switch chassis includes one fixed power supply. Note: Although the DS-6610B ships with a

single power supply, two power cords are Included. Only one power cord is required.

AC Input: DS-6610B – 90 V to 264 V ~2.2A

Input line frequency:47-63 Hz

Power consumption: DS-6610B – 77 WATTS with all 24-ports populated


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