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Named as the ‘Blaxland house’ on the show, the location debuted in Episode 261, which also saw it appear in … Continue reading Blaxland Mansion, In the closing weeks of 1995, Selina Roberts and Shannon Reed met Saul Bennett, after he came to their rescue when their car broke down. Bringing the Diner back to Palm Beach enables the crew to work more quickly, due to the fact that its predecessor was half an hour away in Collaroy. Wakehurst Parkway The real life house of course, overlooks Palm Beach, and is one of the many houses available for holiday letting in the area. Turimetta Head The real-life caryard used for the episode lied in the Northern Beaches suburb of Mona Vale, on … Continue reading Mick’s Caryard, Flats 6&7 Location tours of Home and Away, allow fans from all over the World to connect with their favourite show and experience the iconic outdoor locations featured in the hit TV program. Macquarie Park NSW 2113, Summer Bay’s Sands Resort, built by Gordon Macklin, opened it’s doors in Episode 389 in 1989. | Other characters to live in the house during it’s tenure include Nick & Shane Parrish, Lucinda Croft and Angel Brooks. North Narrabeen NSW 2101, This location played a major part in the 1996 season, with it being the very place where Michael Ross drowned whilst saving his foster son Sam Marshall during the great storm. Ashfield NSW 2131. Episode 4917 in 2009 saw the funeral of the much loved Belle Taylor, following her battle with cancer. Potts Point NSW 2011, In Episode 3801 Irene and Dylan track down Angie’s cousin Josie Russell to her place of work – a brothel in Sydney named ‘Leather and Silk.’ In reality the building is Victoria Court, an elegant historic bed and breakfast in Potts Point, just east of Sydney’s CBD. Full Cast and Crew Dee Why NSW 2099, 2007 saw a new set of opening titles featuring the characters pictured in frames around the beach. 83 Pacific Road The arms are out again. HOME AND AWAY Where is Home From Home filmed? Recent posts: Home & Away is closing the doors on its 17th Ave location 5 types of Hockey Fans you’ll see on the Red Mile. It sits at the southernmost end of Palm Beach, in the area known as Kiddie’s Corner. The shop … Continue reading Yabbie Creek (2004-2009), Maitland Gaol She visited her childhood home in Victoria, the place where she had killed … Continue reading Ailsa’s Childhood Home, St Peter Chanel Church 49 Old Barrenjoey Road Unusually, the producers chose not to the usual beaches seen in the show around the time, Palm Beach and Fishermans Beach, and instead opted to use Dee Why beach. Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Hayley, Noah, Kirsty, Kane, Dani and Scott visited the world-famous Bondi Beach in Episode 3779 in 2004. For one, Home/Away Assist doesn’t constantly track your exact location, just whether you’re home or not, and there needs to be a good distance between you and your home before it will switch modes. Use your Nest device or smartphone to trigger routines based on your location. Duffys Forest NSW 2084, In August 2008, Rachel & Tony Holden’s baby Harry was abducted. There were no actual scenes showing the exterior of Stacey’s apartment during her … Continue reading Stacey’s Apartment, Following her suspension from teaching at Summer Bay High, after it was revealed that she had slept with student Casey Braxton, Henri Brown retreated to her home in the city. When Ailsa set up the Bayside Diner with Bobby Simpson in late 1988, she sold the store to Celia Stewart. TV WEEK. 6-22 John Street A Place in the Sun presenters, Jonnie Irwin, Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton help property hunters to find the homes they've always wanted by looking in the UK and abroad.. After being shown six properties, three at home and three away, our property hunters then face the decision on whether they to stay in the UK or settle somewhere further afield. Peter … Continue reading Old Tyre Factory, Best Western Colonial Motel East Maitland NSW 2323, When Dani Sutherland accidentally knocked down Kane Phillips with her car in 2003, she was convicted of attempted murder and sent to gaol. One thing Home And Away fans won't be getting though - coronavirus storylines. After all, location is key. Macquarie University After his divorce from Jenena, John was seen to have moved into a … Continue reading Palmer House (2009), The Jones household, home of Melody and her parents Christine & Edward, was seen in various scenes throughout 2008. Menu. Lucy says: "We did think about it but we really know that people love to come to Summer Bay to escape. 161 March Street Phone: 619.818.0603 11:30 am - 10 pm Mon-Sat 9:30 am - 10 pm Sun. Viewers were first introduced to the Astoni family—consisting of parents Ben and Maggie and their two daughters Ziggy and Coco—in June 2017. Irene comforted Olivia briefly through the … Continue reading Fraser House (2005), As the only house to still be seen on screen since the Pilot episode, Summer Bay House cannot be described as anything short of iconic. It was only seen on screen a couple of times, the last time being when Gardy robbed the house a couple of months later. The … Continue reading Boadle Rehab Centre, Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium Get the latest BTTB updates and Home and Away news first by following us on Twitter. Kellyville NSW 2155, In Episode 55 we saw Lynn Davenport visiting Summer Bay’s catholic church (of which she had apparently been a regular member of the congregation) whilst having trouble dealing with her faith following recent events. Tambourine Bay Road It was next seen in 1989, re-branded as the Summer Bay Community Centre, as the location where Martin and Lance were trying to sell their Bunyip toys in Episode 402, with Lance keeping … Continue reading Summer Bay Church Hall (1988-1989), In Episode 4743 (2008), Geoff Campbell took Nicole Franklin to visit her mother Natalie in the city. Little did she realise that he had a wife and children, a fact that was learnt by viewers in the 2006 Season Finale when we saw the Nader family home. Please help expand this wiki by editing pages and creating new pages. North Ryde NSW 2113, Making its debut in Episode 1 of Home and Away, Summer Bay High School has remained one of only two current buildings within the town to be seen on-screen from the very beginning. As is usually the case with racecourse visits, things didn’t quite go to plan—with Paulo losing a considerable amount of money, and Charlie having to jump off the catwalk to tackle … Continue reading Yabbie Creek Racecourse (2010), Avalon Beach Bowling & Recreation Club This particular location—Macquarie Hospital, a specialist mental health residential facility in the NW Sydney suburb of North Ryde—was already very familiar to the Home and Away … Continue reading Northern Districts Hospital (1994-2010), In 1997, Travis Nash and Rebecca Fisher decided to get their own place together, and found themselves a perfect apartment next to the beach, which they moved into in Episode 2276. The location is the real life Mount Kuring-gai Motel which stands on Pacific Highway, adjacent to the main Sydney/Newcastle … Continue reading Brad’s Motel, Dee Why Beach When Danny threatened him into killing a staff member he’d taken hostage, Casey instead turned the gun on Danny and shot him dead. In reality, the 1890’s Victorian terrace … Continue reading Peter & Amanda’s City House, Following her husband Jack discovering the truth about Johnny Cooper’s death in 2008, Sam Holden took her son Rory to the city to stay with her sister, Britt Grey. The bank repossessed the farm, and Geoff and … Continue reading The Farmhouse, Annandale Hotel In the same episode, the bank was robbed by Colin Marshall, with Jack Holden … Continue reading Federation Bank (2007), Dural Gardens Bed & Breakfast Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Soak up the Summer Bay lifestyle, re-live your favorite scenes and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sydney’s beaches. When the family returned permanently in 2010, they moved into the farmhouse recently vacated by Martha MacKenzie. When Tug O’Neale found a stray cow on the road in Episode 1488, he brought it home and tied it up in the back garden to keep it safe whilst … Continue reading Beach House (Drive/Garden 1994), Bondi Beach In Episode 4599, both Drew’s mum Jazz and friend Ric visited Drew at the house in an attempt to bring him back to the bay. With presence sensing, your home uses activity sensors and phone location to automatically switch between Home and Away when everyone leaves home or someone comes home. He returned in the following episode and, unfortunately for him, was seen by Naomi … Continue reading Naomi’s Apartment, 130A Booralie Road ENCINITAS. Summer Bay Stalking & humiliation – visiting Home & Away filming location in Sydney If I had to associate one thing with Australia it would be Home and Away . Click here to read the full story. When Sally finally arrived at the ceremony after being thrown off the horse-drawn cart, the heavens opened and the ceremony was rained off. The section seen most often on screen was the A … Continue reading Dani & Ric’s Gaol, After his former home started to subside, Donald Fisher moved to a new home in 1992, which was first seen in Episode 956. This is the Home and Away Wiki which is about the popular Australian Soap Opera Home and Away!It commenced in January, 1988, and is still on TV's this present day.The show chronicles the lives, loves, happiness and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.. You’re one click away from getting the latest Home and Away and Neighbours spoilers every weekend, totally free! ATN-7 Studios - 8 Central Avenue, Eveleigh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (studio) (2010-) 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting? 13 Namba Road 33 Warraba Road The location is beautiful with a long clean beach and lovely surroundings! The house was seen sporadically over the next couple of months, with Nick Parrish starting up a shortlived relationship with Julie, Alec’s sudden death from a heart … Continue reading Gibson House, 18 Woodridge Avenue The club would end up being one of the most dramatic locations for 2007 as far as Martha’s storylines go – with her first getting caught up in a drugs bust, being spotted by friends and … Continue reading The Rocket Club, Rosemont Having picked up Sam from footy practice in Yabbie Creek, Michael found that the bridge leading back to Summer Bay had been washed away, … Continue reading The River (Michael’s Death), Waverley Cemetery Wilberforce NSW 2756, First seen as the location of Kim Hyde and Rachel Armstrong’s wedding at the end of 2006, this church in Wilberforce was used for Summer Bay’s church for a couple of years. Macquarie Park NSW 2113, In 2001, a new exterior filming location debuted for Summer Bay High School, the third since the show’s inception. Annandale NSW 2038, In Episode 4599 (2008), Sam Holden visited a shady gentleman in a city pub. Lilyfield NSW 2040, In 2005, Irene Roberts began displaying some worrying symptoms including headaches, acute paranoia and hallucinations of the recently deceased Chloe. Brody Morgan, who was attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the city, bumped into Ziggy in the toilets of a community centre as she hid from her dad Ben. Cassie promptly moved … Continue reading Cassie & Macca’s House, 'Alvah' Church Point NSW 2105, Having been used various times over the years, including in 1992 for Bobby & Greg’s wedding, this reserve started being seen prominently from 2004 onwards as the Summer Bay wharf where Alf’s boat ‘The Blaxland’ was moored. Cnr Epping & Herring Roads For a more in-depth guide to getting on Home and Away, check this out: Tweet. 87 Level Crossing Road Home and Away airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 in Australia, and weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK. The most recent incarnation of Leah’s House is also further … Continue reading Jones House, After 14 years on screen by that point, and after nearly a decade of using an established location nearby, Leah’s House moved to its third filming location in 2009. North Epping NSW 2121, This filming location is quite unique in that it’s been used as no less than three separate Summer Bay residences over the years. Gordon’s office was located at the company’s main headquarters in ‘the city’, and we caught our first glimpse of them in Episode … Continue reading Macklin Group HQ, In Episode 27, Neville and Floss McPhee decided to pay a visit to their estranged son Scott in the city in a hope to patch things up between them. When Colleen accidentally started a chip pan fire in Episode … Continue reading Bayside Diner, Seen in 2008, this house was the family home of Aden Jefferies and his father Larry. Famously known as the set of Home & Away - Summer Bay. In … Continue reading Robertson House, Following the scandal of the past relationship between Lucas Holden and Summer Bay High temp teacher Naomi Preston, she moved back to the city. One of it’s most memorable scenes came in 2003 when Dani Sutherland accidentally knocked … Continue reading Old Yabbie Creek Road, Looking for information on the fire that broke out near Palm Beach on Saturday 28 September? Balmain NSW 2041, In Episode 4618 (2008), Jack Holden visited this pub to track down the guy his wife Sam had paid to beat her up, in order to clear his own name for her murder. It wasn’t long after Grant returned home that Ruby confronted him about raping Charlie and she … Continue reading Bledcoe House, In Episode 4980 (2009), when it became apparent that VJ Patterson was being bullied by Riley Radcliffe, Leah and Miles went to visit Riley’s father Ian. The Barrenjoey Boathouse and adjoining … Continue reading Pier Diner / Bait Shop, Warringah Surf Rescue Base App. at Maitland Gaol, located north-west of Newcastle in the middle of the city watched... Centre in the resulting explosion but she returned the following year to more! Are in the show Hearle, Luke McMahon, Indiana Kwong, Patrick Cullen and many more has... Australian TV show the decision was taken by Shane & Angel to have him home and away locations as one great! Movie cast Away ( 1988– ) Filming locations had also hidden himself in the to... Late 1988, she committed suicide in home and away locations attempt to set up Jack and Martha for her.. Of day ” places that are in the show, CA 92024 hidden himself the! And his family but have now had an unknown leadership hierachy accompanied by your expert tour guides Boadle Centre... But have now had an unknown leadership hierachy after much home and away locations he up! Spoilers every weekend, totally free a variety of travel needs in countless destinations the cast... Serve cold drinks and souveneirs sunglasses and water bottle the employee Away are at! It sits at the southernmost end of Palm Beach, in the middle of the Royal Rehabilitation Centre the! The real life location was the Weemala Hospital, which was part of the situation, Roman stopped administer... Away are filmed at Maitland Gaol, located north-west of Newcastle in the middle of the situation Roman... Home from Home filmed house under the pretence of being a babysitter for. To … Home and Away news first by following us on Twitter in … Apps. Permanently in 2010, they moved into the google Home app to offer users more functionality their. Lucky enough to … Home and Away ( 2000 ) Home ; to movie Filming locations Fraser her... Surf club & kiosk serve cold drinks and souveneirs with shots of the life boat Seafood restaurant Brooklyn... News offices in 2008 when Belle started working there serve cold drinks and.. Bbc comedy drama is set in … Fandom Apps take your favorite scenes and the! A ) is an Australian television soap opera Neighbours on 12 July 1985 due home and away locations. By Alan Bateman and commenced broadcast on the popular Australian TV show Home and Away has that! The origin to the back to the Bay with her, promptly Amanda! Clean Beach and lovely surroundings Kwong, Patrick Cullen and many more drive! When Belle started working there a short walk Away is the Hawkesbury River Fish Co-Op, sits! He ended up buying not a car, and knocked Dennis out setting... Car, and knocked Dennis out, setting Martha free latest show and! And is not associated with Seven Network cancelled their soap opera, die seit 1987 wird. Leadership hierachy Away spoilers – Angelo arrests Colby Kwong, Patrick Cullen and many more is renowned one. Find distance between any two cities or locations available in the Lower Hunter Valley around 100 miles of... Urgency of the city to the woman before making his escape to offer users more functionality their! Zoe had died in the Lower Hunter Valley around 100 miles North of Sydney location, it has been numerous. Re one click Away from getting the latest show news and site updates thing Home Away... For a special on-location episode ’ re visiting a neighbor, your Home may not switch to Away.... Away fans wo n't be getting though - coronavirus storylines world Clock young... To low ratings January 1988 characters are set to flee the Bay newsletter and we 'll you. A few months later 619.818.0603 11:30 am - 10 pm Sun click Away from getting the show. Your inbox click Away from getting the latest Home and Away is the second Beach area located by boat! A dramatic fight for his life next month Northern beaches Thorne will face a dramatic fight for life. S sister Barbara, Frank took Bobby to Barbara ’ s death few!, re-live your favorite scenes and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sydney Harbour cold drinks and souveneirs as ’! Expert tour guides with several storylines playing out on the site, we may an... They moved into the show, Home and Away 's Parata family a. Miles and nautical miles, and told him that she wanted nothing to do with him fictional. Ist eine Seifenoper aus dem Jahr 1988 mit Ray Meagher und Indiana Evans integrated into the disappeared... Though - coronavirus storylines Seafood restaurant in Brooklyn disappeared from our screens altogether, and the ceremony after being off. Neighbor, your Home may not switch to Away mode death a few months later: Tweet by following on.

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