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chimney liner for water heater

The oddities we’ve seen where venting is concerned give rise to grave concerns: standard water heaters replacing direct-vent water heaters to shave costs while using the PVC vent line; high-efficiency furnaces or boilers vented into those old unlined masonry chimneys, which by itself is bad enough, yet the older atmospherically vented water heater continues to exhaust into the same chimney! 13. For many years, the. My water heater is now the only thing venting into the masonry chimney. My understanding of chimney liners is that as furnaces became more efficient over the years, there's less heat going through the chimney and it has an effect on condensation which will ruin the chimney from the inside out. Annual service included opening the base of the chimney to remove crumbled masonry products, dead birds and you’d occasionally encounter live animals using the chimney for a home. Liners are sized based on the value, in BTU's they are venting and the height of the chimney. Those old 8 x 12 or 10 x 10 chimneys will lead to sustained flue gas condensation, damage the chimney and— eventually — result in property damage. DuraFlex AL is designed for relining masonry chimneys when using natural gas or liquid propane. For readers in the Washington, DC metropolitan region: Current WSSC IRVINE, CA – Navien, Inc., the number one brand in high efficiency condensing tankless water heaters, combi-boilers and wall-hung boilers in North America, has announced two virtual launch events for the beginning of 2021. The dynamics of drafting are complicated. This process kept the inside of the chimney warm. Don't use your fireplace with a cracked liner. Back when coal was king and urban homes were built (pre-1920 to 1930), large bore masonry brick-andmortar unlined chimneys dominated the landscape. Only work on water heaters if you’re handy and comfortable that you know what you’re about to do. The chimney had to be rebuilt with a terracotta liner installed. 741. It’s required by a number of codes, even though no local inspectors are enforcing them. Closer inspection revealed it was a combination of frost and ice. CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local chimney sweeps who can inspect your chimney for defects. diameter flue is We respect your email privacy. Many building codes mandate that once modified or changed, all fuel burning appliance vents must be sized according to code. This unique alloy is designed specifically to resist acids coming from gas appliances in the flue and extreme stresses of hot and cold cycles. Sign up to my newsletter to receive expert advice for your home! and its corresponding chimney flue limit is just over The flue piping looked like Swiss cheese! National Fire Protection Association, Inc. CLICK HERE to Get Tim's FREE & FUNNY Newsletter. The rules also state that orphaned water heaters vented into an unlined masonry chimney require the installation of a properly sized liner. Contractor of the Year: John W. Danforth Co. Milwaukee Tools and Uponor – A Partnership for Professionals, Navien, Inc., Announces Boiler and Water Heater Virtual Launch Events. These two public servants should provide you with the information to ensure your hot water heater and your chimney meets code. Metal Chimney Liners. Use a flashlight and safety glasses to see as far up the flue as possible. Complete the form below and each week you'll get: Unsubscribe at any time. These systems of chimney liners are listed and tested by the U.L., and are quite harmless and sturdy when correctly mounted and sustained. Its located on top of the water heater. I’d never seen sustained flue gas condensation previously, but the basement floor markings revealed the old coal furnace had been replaced or converted and recently replaced with three new “high-efficiency” boilers. If it is a 3-inch-diameter pipe, the inside cross sectional area of the chimney flue liner should not exceed 49 square inches. If your furnace and water heater currently vents into your chimney; having a chimney liner will protect it. Lined chimneys vs. unlined chimneys, and so on. © Copyright 2017 Tim Carter eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'askthebuilder_com-box-3','ezslot_19',116,'0','0'])); DEAR TIM: I recently had my heating system replaced with a high efficiency system. Share. It's best to use a stainless steel chimney liner if you're high-efficiency water heater or furnace exhausts into a masonry chimney. Each event will offer insight on the newest products from Navien and allow attendees to interact and ask questions live with the Navien team. They upgraded to a high efficiency gas furnace that now vents out the side of the house via PVC pipe. It locks in moisture and flue gases in your chimney and keeps them out of your home. Herein lies the problem. Have the liner replaced as soon as possible. Air … Research is currently being conducted by the Gas Research Institute that may create changes used in sizing masonry chimneys. The flue piping of the system, whether for single or multiple appliances, should be as short a run as possible, and rise 1/4″ per running foot up and toward the chimney. Installing a chimney liner helps prevent overheating and promotes energy efficiency. Some chimney companies can reduce the size of the chimney by pumping a cement slurry around a giant inflatable bladder. As tricky as venting has become with today’s high-efficiency appliances, there’s one thing too many of us are ignoring — orphaned category I appliances and how they relate to these older chimneys. Install an increaser on the flue base on the water heater. Registration for both events is up now at 316Ti Flexible Chimney Liner Only. Stainless steel is suitable for wood burning, gas, or oil applications. Size, height, exposure (inside the structure, partially exposed or outside) and localized weather conditions all come into play, so there are no one-size-fits-all categories. The clay tile chimney liner is damaged due to shifting, fire damage, or age- or use-related damage; A new appliance (furnace, stove, or water heater) is being installed and vented via a masonry chimney. The following gas water heater … That heat source has been removed. Before doing plumbing work you must perform these safety steps: Turn the electricity off if you have an electric water heater or turn the gas control knob to PILOT if you have a gas water heater. There are approved corrugated metal pipes that you can snake down the chimney and connect to the exhaust pipe of your heater. Although the water heater does contribute heat to the chimney during its off cycle, it may not be enough to prime the vent so to speak. Multiplied times 7 in the code, you're chimney cannot be more than 49 sq inches of interior area. There is, however, a somewhat reliable rule of thumb to give us a line that we should not cross where safety is paramount: the chimney’s dimension should not exceed the connecting flue’s dimension by more that sevento- one. Turn off the water to the water heater by closing the valve on the cold water line. The gas hot water heater, though, is still vented through the original chimney. Our Chicago customer's chimney was in bad shape-- the exhaust from the furnace and water heater had rotted the liner in the chimney. water heater flue is just a bit more than, so the chimney must not be greater than By CTH Experts On Nov 17, 2008 Last updated Jul 1, 2020. Sometimes the condensed water contains acids that can chemically attack poor quality mortars. Check the flue liner for cracks every fall before the heating season begins. A 3-in. ANSI Z21.10.1 governing water heaters of 75,000 Btuh or less mandates a maximum allowable limit of 400 PPM for CO. CHIMNEY LINER Choice of: TOP-Flex Aluminum Liners; MORTAR COLLAR Choice of: TOP-Flex Aluminum Mortar Collar; CONNECTION Slip the end of the Aluminum Liner directly onto the outside of the unit's collar. That's about 7 sq inches. With efficiencies ranging from 30% to 50%, lots of combustion byproducts needed to be safely vented from homes. They also protect flue masonry from cracks or crumbling mortar due to repeated heating … I've got a 40 gallon atmospheric-vented water heater that is not venting correctly. NFPA 54 and 211 deal with chimney standards and sizing for the flue. In other words, code refinements are forthcoming with regards to venting modern fuel burning appliances. Why are direct vent water heaters so expensive? Subscribe to the FREE Ask the Builder newsletter to receive professional advice for your home. If the inside of the chimney cools down too much or there is too much cold air inside the chimney, the water vapor can condense and saturate the masonry inside the chimney before it can escape into the atmosphere. In the new house I am buying, the furnace and hot water heater have were both replaced by the current owners. There simply wouldn't be enough room to handle all the smoke and ash. The giant chimney of the power plant is filled with a column of cold, dense air. Gas Water Heater and Furnace Chimney Flue Size Calculations The basic method for the chimney flue size calculations is "The Seven Times Rule" (applies to natural draft and / or fan assisted type appliances vented into the same chimney). Aluminum chimney liners typically are used on gas appliances like gas water heaters. The ice-sheen that had caught my attention led to the chimney’s protrusion at the roofline and it was obvious its shape outlined the chimney’s exact route and dimensions from basementto- roof. Lawyers don’t ignore this If you’re ignoring orphaned water heaters, lawyers and liability experts are not and you’d be wise to broaden the scope of your work to include chimney liners. It's vented into an unlined chimney and the back draft is too much for the water heater to create the correct draft. Flexible chimney liners are only to be installed inside a masonry chimney. s too much no one else even mentioned wed need an expensive liner you trying to rip us off here? In the NBS tests, unlined chimneys allowed heat to move through the chimney … Choose a venting method for more information on what you may need. Measure the diameter of the exhaust pipe leaving your hot water heater. For every 100,000 Btu of combustion, a gallon of condensate can be generated! A Stainless Steel chimney liner is air and water tight. Liners insulate heat moving through the chimney, protecting flammable areas of your home's structure. Currently, there are many organizations that produce building codes. These are generally made of aluminium or stainless steel, and are principally used in upgrading and renovating existing chimneys. The vent pipe is reduced in size from the opening provided by the water heater manufacturer. Water vapor is a byproduct of the combustion of natural gas. On the contrary, if you tried to exhaust your furnace and water heater into a power plant chimney, the exhaust gases very likely wouldn't rise. The exhaust gas temperature of modern gas furnaces and water heaters is much lower than past appliances because much more heat is harvested so you waste less money up your chimney. Install the chimney cap to ensure a good fit then remove and apply silicone on the top edge of the chimney (as shown) and reinstall cap. Today, we’d be either installing a chimney liner or direct-vented high-efficiency appliances. FIREPLACES: FIREPLACE INSERTS: FURNACE & WATER HEATERS: WOOD, CORN & WOOD PELLETS: … Maintenance Tip #1 Preparing the water heater Turn off the power if its an electric water heater. Clay tiles as well are frequently used (just like fireplaces) because of their inexpensive cost and durability. Three water heaters had been installed, too, and each apartment had its own gas meter. CLICK THIS IMAGE NOW TO BUY THIS KIT. This stainless steel chimney liner has a 10-grove design for superior flexibility, compressibility and strength. The result of those calculation using a 38,000 BTU water heater with a 3" draft hood and a 37,500 BTU boiler with a 4" draft hood connected to a 20' high chimney is to use a common flue with an area of 28 square inches or a 6" flue vs a 5" flue in the previous examples. Construction Wage Theft Costs WI, MN, and IL Taxpayers $362 Million Per Year, Bemis Acquires Bio Bidet, Premier Smart Toilets Company, IAPMO Seeks Technical Subcommittee Members for Development of National Standard IAPMO Z1324, Survey: Higher Demand for Integrated Technologies, Healthy Buildings. Local codes and the International Fuel Gas Code require proper venting and chimney liners for flue gasses to be vented into the outdoor atmosphere. A three-story chimney will behave differently from a single-story chimney. Proper furnace / water heater venting is an extremely important issue, which depends on the performance of the house chimney / chimney flue or other exhaust assemblies. Open a hot water tap inside the house. For many years, the American Gas Association ( and the National Fire Protection Association, Inc. ( have authored the National Fuel Gas Code. Around here, most tile liners are 6.5 x 10" and a smaller liner is needed. The U.S. Department of Energy allows for one-minute of back-drafting for orphaned water heaters — maximum. Low moisture content cement and vermiculite mortars can also be used to create a new inner lining. Traditional masonry chimneys were designed and sized to vent very hot flue gases from old coal, wood burning, or low efficiency gas furnaces. Secure with Zip Screws. The new furnace vents directly through the wall to the exterior. I'm concerned about exhaust gas damage that might be occurring inside my chimney. You can do a quick check of your chimney to see if it meets an old rule of thumb and some of the current codes. Installing new water heater .62 natural gas 40,000 btu 50 gallon in masonry chimney that is 30 feet high, only water heater now. I want to drop a liner down the chimney dedicated to the water heater and add a cap. © Copyright 2017 Tim Carter, Chimney flue size must match water heater, Currently, there are many organizations that produce building codes. Chimneys — you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them — or at least you couldn’t until a few years ago. This can, in some instances, create condensation problems inside of masonry chimneys. Measure the diameter of the exhaust pipe leaving your hot water heater. After this discovery, the homeowner immediately installed four-inch pipe from the heater to the chimney. 4.8 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. If the exhaust pipe is 4 inches in diameter, the flue liner cross sectional area should not be larger than 88 square inches. New Jersey Uniform Construction Code requires a chimney certification for replacement of a hot water heater, furnace or boiler. For optimal use and safety, a liner is needed when installing a new heating system, furnace, boiler, or water heater. This is a kit that allows you to install a stainless-steel liner inside a larger masonry chimney clay flue. $600. A chimney liner is a flexible aluminum tube that connects to your furnace and/or water heater and has a rain cap on the top of it. Chimneys are like water pipes, they can only handle so much exhaust at a given pressure. If your home doesn’t currently have a chimney liner, technician upgrading a water heater must properly install a chimney liner to bring your hot water heater up to TSSA standards. A second suggestion that we got is to have a conventional hot water … The other alternative would be to include the cost for a new direct-vent water heater and abandon the chimney completely.”, “Forget it; I’m going with the other guy.”. ; a 4-in. Hire a professional chimney sweep to complete the check for cracks in places that are hard to see. Water vapor is a byproduct of the combustion of natural gas. In other words, the square inch area of the chimney must not be more than seven times greater than the flue piping. Install an increaser in the largest hole in the chimney. During one winter’s service call for a heating problem, I noticed the exterior north wall of the home had a shiny appearance. It minimizes heat loss and helps maintain optimal airflow in your chimney. All rights reserved. Favret will typically install the liner, Frary said, unless the water heater and furnace are on separate chimney chases. Imagine if the huge boilers of your local power plant tried to exhaust up your house chimney. Clay tile liners can suffer from the excessive condensation found in the exhaust of higher efficiency gas appliances (furnaces, water heaters, and boilers) and, over time, could cause chimney liner … The liner protects the house from heat transfer to combustibles while being installed in a masonry chimney. Can you see the mistake in this photo? Your chimney's existing flue liner may be oversized for the orphaned water heater. Back when coal was king and urban homes were built (pre-1920 to 1930), large bore masonry brick-andmortar, What portion of your quote for my new high-efficiency furnace was for the chimney- liner?”, “That’s too much — no one else even mentioned we’d need an expensive liner — you trying to rip us off here?”.

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